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  1. Cover all floors, countertops, appliances, furniture, etc. prior to painting.

  2. Tape all glass if necessary with 1” blue tape to protect glass from sandpaper, easy removal even after extended periods of exposure to sunlight, and for clean, sharp edges after painting.

  3. We will move and cover the furniture and replace after painting.

  4. Remove outlet covers and switch plates cover with tape and replace after painting.

  5. Tape all trim edges before painting walls.

  6. Do all necessary and agreed upon wall and trim repair.

  7. We look for all cracks, water damage and defects, repair, and do any re-texturing necessary.

  8. Prime all bare wood, wall or wood repairs, and any other necessary areas with the appropriate primers prior to painting.

  9. Sand, clean, prime and paint all enamel specified. Sanding is necessary to insure good adhesion between coats.

  10. Check for all cracks in woodwork, doors, windows, and wall corners, etc., and caulk with a premium caulk.

  11. Ceilings are recommended painted in a flat paint in color chosen. This is to minimize light reflection or sheen, which on ceilings highlights any drywall imperfections, and is distracting. Although high moisture areas like bathrooms may benefit from a glossy paint on the ceiling.

  12. Walls are recommended painted in a top line interior wall paint in color and sheen specified. There are many types of wall paints available in a wide variety of prices.

  13. All enamel (washable and hard) surfaces (usually trim or doors) are recommended to be finish coated with a top line interior enamel paint. Oil or water based depending on your preferences and circumstances

  14. The number of coats of paint on drywall or enamel work is usually two finish coats after preparation, whether applied by roller or sprayer, but the application methods and times between coats are different.

  15. After all work is done, we clean it all up, remove all the tape, replace all the hardware and outlet covers, put all the furniture back, clean all interior glass, remove all unnecessary paint cans, label all paint cans accurately, (we will leave touch up paint for all areas and colors).




1st Class Painters Customer

An Absolute Pleasure

"I could not be more happy with the job 1st Class Painters and his crew did. The initial discussions Dino was very helpful, the bid was detailed and professional. The job itself was simply exceptional: the crew was unbelievably thorough, careful, and friendly. And they work fast! The house never looked better. I give 1st Class Painters four thumbs up."

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